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Who's going to the Nashville show??

Started 10 days ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Who's going to the...

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Who has experienced the #TimberTouch

Started 4 weeks ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Who has...

Last post 19 hours ago by cheuy3060

I Hate Having to Find Accessible Seating!!

Started 2 days ago by bittersweet_shimmer
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RE: I Hate Having to...

Last post 44 hours ago by Nicole


Started 2 months ago by MauraNealon12
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Last post 3 days ago by cheuy3060

Meeting spots at each JT2020Tour show

Started 2 months ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Meeting spots at...

Last post 6 days ago by cheuy3060

Chicago show is soon, who's going to this one??

Started 2 weeks ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Chicago show is...

Last post 6 days ago by cheuy3060

Count down until your show...

Started 2 months ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Count down until...

Last post 8 days ago by cheuy3060

5Days Mohegan Sun!!!

Started 13 days ago by linabuzzelli
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Re: 5Days Mohegan Sun!!!

Last post 10 days ago by cheuy3060

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    What an EPIC week. Coming off of #VFestival in Chelmsford and South Staffordshire, Justin and the Tennessee Kids didn’t stop for a second. It was “Czesc” to Poland, “Bonjour” to France, and “Halló” to Iceland. While the concert in the city of lights (Pari!) was a really intimate private show for Mastercard and Credit Mutual at L’Olympia, the shows in Poland and...


  1. Nashville was Epic!!!

    Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 9:15 AM cheuy3060 0 Comments
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    Omg!!! Last night was the most incredible amazing show of the JT2020Tour!!! Garth Brooks came out and sang Friends in Low Places with Justin. It was the best moment and I was there witnessing it live!! I'm so happy that I got to see Justin in his home state of Tennessee. I can't even explain how the moment was with Garth I also love him!!! I was shaking I was so happy! Can't wait to see what...

  2. On my way to Nashville!!!

    Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 6:21 PM cheuy3060 0 Comments
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    In a few hours I will be on my way to Nashville for JT2020Tour on Friday. Then I'll be heading to ATL for the Saturday show!!! My road trip begins!!! My last 2 shows of the tour are going to rock!!!

  3. Last 5 shows JT2020Tour

    Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 10:54 AM cheuy3060 0 Comments
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    I can't believe that we are at the last 5 shows......Philly tonight and then my 2 shows Nashville and ATL. Last but not least the 2 Vegas shows. This tour has been a life changing for me. I've met so many friends and been to new places, tried new things such as flying for the first time. This has been the best year of my life! Justin and The TNKids are the best and we will truly miss this...