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its going to happen!!!!

Started 42 hours ago by shayTNKID
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Re: its going to...

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where is the JT2020Tour DVDV!!!!

Started 6 days ago by shayTNKID
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Re: where is the...

Last post 2 days ago by ELovelace

I wonder

Started 4 days ago by ELovelace
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Re: I wonder

Last post 2 days ago by ELovelace

Justin's T shirt!

Started 4 days ago by shayTNKID
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I'm 51 and a huge JT fan

Started 5 days ago by DarleneMarie
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Re: I'm 51 and a huge...

Last post 5 days ago by ELovelace

JT2020TOUR DVD!!!1

Started 7 weeks ago by shayTNKID
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Re: JT2020TOUR DVD!!!1

Last post 3 weeks ago by cheuy3060


Started 5 weeks ago by shayTNKID
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Last post 3 weeks ago by JANISHA

European duo through as hosts trip up

Started 7 weeks ago by xtmmofifa
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Re: European duo...

Last post 6 weeks ago by cheuy3060

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    What an EPIC week. Coming off of #VFestival in Chelmsford and South Staffordshire, Justin and the Tennessee Kids didn’t stop for a second. It was “Czesc” to Poland, “Bonjour” to France, and “Halló” to Iceland. While the concert in the city of lights (Pari!) was a really intimate private show for Mastercard and Credit Mutual at L’Olympia, the shows in Poland and...


  1. Monday!!!

    Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 3:47 PM cheuy3060 1 Comments
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    I'm so tired today. I stayed up way to late last night after watching the VMAs. It's so funny even though Justin wasn't there he still topped the VMA news this morning because of what Kanye said lol. Then Justin tweeting from the Erykah Badu Concert last night. I just love Justin's sense of humor! I don't think some people get I hope your Monday was great!!!

  2. What's with this?!

    Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:02 AM ELovelace 0 Comments
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    Why is it that every time there's an award show there has to be some drama? Why can't it just be a show where you win an award and are grateful and thankful without the extra nonsense. You win some you lose some. There is always next year. I mean why feel the need to attack each...

  3. happy monday!

    Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 8:21 AM shayTNKID 1 Comments
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    good to see ya again!!! hope you having amazing monday like i have!!! and dont forget to put your #MondayGameFace on!!! P.S. i know its late but amber if you see this i just to tell your boyfriend happy birthday!!! enjoy together and love each other!!!