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Started 5 days ago by shayTNKID
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Last post 5 days ago by cheuy3060

JT2020TOUR DVD!!!1

Started 3 weeks ago by shayTNKID
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Re: JT2020TOUR DVD!!!1

Last post 7 days ago by cheuy3060

European duo through as hosts trip up

Started 3 weeks ago by xtmmofifa
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Re: European duo...

Last post 3 weeks ago by cheuy3060

Memories ..

Started 2 months ago by ATR TNKID
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Re: Memories ..

Last post 6 weeks ago by cheuy3060

JT <3

Started 7 weeks ago by ATR TNKID
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Re: JT <3

Last post 7 weeks ago by cheuy3060

Missing JT2020Tour!!!

Started 7 months ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Missing JT2020Tour!!!

Last post 2 months ago by cheuy3060

Tour DVD

Started 6 months ago by cheuy3060
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Re: Tour DVD

Last post 2 months ago by cheuy3060

Seating Question

Started 11 months ago by tnkid44
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Re: Seating Question

Last post 4 months ago by cheuy3060

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    What an EPIC week. Coming off of #VFestival in Chelmsford and South Staffordshire, Justin and the Tennessee Kids didn’t stop for a second. It was “Czesc” to Poland, “Bonjour” to France, and “Halló” to Iceland. While the concert in the city of lights (Pari!) was a really intimate private show for Mastercard and Credit Mutual at L’Olympia, the shows in Poland and...


  1. yay!!

    Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 3:18 AM shayTNKID 0 Comments
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    Justin is going to be at the teen chooice awerd!!! im so happy for him he desrve anything!!! i love you and always support you!! ill vote for you like crazy!!!

  2. Happy Monday!!!

    Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 5:26 PM cheuy3060 0 Comments
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    I hope you all had a great Monday!!! My day was crazy at work and my dad is having some health issues and I've been worried about him. Other then that I'm doing great. Always listening to JT to get me through the tough times ;-)

  3. Rock Your Monday Blues Away

    Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 7:53 AM imilia 0 Comments
    imilia avatar

    Finally decided to sign up as a Tennessee Kid. I hate Mondays (who doesn't?). But I love Fridays (again, who doesn't?). And I loved it even more when, on that day, I chanced upon a flashback to JT's music. I read somewhere that there is this DJ named Throttle who remixed Rock Your Body (plus10 years after release!). Says he likes Justin Timberlake (for the third time – who doesn't?)....